Each photo taken is of a fleeting moment One that will never come to life again One that will never pass before These eyes again All I have is this face Looking back at me Through this lit up screen To remind me of a time Which has already been Something similar  Crossed Paths Remember… Read More Photos

Fallen Times

Through the narrow alleys the wind raced, picking up the dust from off of the cobbled streets. The walls that created a tunnel, channeled the wind, forming a path for it as it push on through. People covered their eyes, protecting them from the dust and sand that was now airborne, as they walked through… Read More Fallen Times

Crossed Paths

Once these paths cross A new world will unfold As they run alongside each other A new story will be told At times they might wander At times they might seem lost Not knowing which direction to follow Not knowing which rivers to cross Even though they are not together Running side by side Until… Read More Crossed Paths

Old Flame

Wood crackles beneath Embers float away Heat escapes all around As these flames they breath The wind pulls up Through this chimney The smoke rises From where they begin Is the real key To understand any story The flames dance around the fireplace Lighting up these charred walls Shinning through this dark night Running along… Read More Old Flame